Monday, 11 April 2011

Home-made Salmon Fish Fingers!

This recipe makes for really tasty and simple home-made fish fingers. You can have them with chips, or stick 'em in a bun for a really extravagent sarnie! Don't forget the tomato sauce!

Home-made Salmon Fish Fingers.

For this you'll need:

Two Salmon darns or fillets per person (I used Lidl wild Salmon fillets and Dunnes Salmon darns)

a dinner plate sprinkled liberally with flour seasond well with sea salt and ground blackpepper and mixed well

a bowl with two free range eggs cracked into it and mixed together

a dinner plate with a load of bread crumbs seasoned with any dried herb you want - oregano, basil, tarragon, parsley etc. or a combination of them all - mixed together well

lemon (fresh or lemon juice) for drizzling

a deep frying pan with about a quarter inch of pre heated sunflower oil (BE CAREFULL!)

Ok, let's do this thing...

Firstly, dip the darns/fillets into the flour and make sure they are dusted evenly, this gives them a good surface for the egg to adhere to...then dip the floured Salmon into the egg and makes sure it is wet all over, this makes the fish nice and sticky for the bread crumbs...then roll the fish in the breadcrumbs, covering it in a nice layer. It really doesn't matter if the crumbs come out a little clumpy, as when you cook them they'll taste like fried bread!

Then lower the fish VERY CAREFULLY into the oil. You don't want to cook YOUR fingers, do you?

Repeat with the other fish.

Turn your fishy fingers regularly so to make sure they don't burn.

When they're a toasty golden brown

like that, turn them out onto some kitchen roll to soak up any oil, drizzle with a little lemon juice, and then they're ready to be consumed!

Simply scrummy!

(No wine in this recipe. Oh well...but these fish fingers DO go very well with a nice, perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc!)



  1. I can categorically say that these were utterly divine!!

  2. They sound lovely! (Hmmmm.. singing fish fingers?)

    And you've photos! Woohoo =D