Monday, 11 April 2011

New recipe! (dead simple) Slow Cooked Casseroled Beef with Baby Carrot Mash


I made this meal a few days ago, and it's yummy. Hope you're not a vegetarian, as this is a beef recipe. If you are a veggie, you can have chicken instead... ;)

So, the ingredients for the casserole (this was for four people, you do the math for your lot):

Slow cooked Beef Casserole

Four decent sized stewing beef steaks, not chunks
Three white onions quartered
A punnet of closed cup mushrooms quartered
Three big carrots peeled and chunked
Schwarz Chicken casserole mix (yes, I did type chicken, but trust me this works!)
A Knorr Beef Stock Pot (There are two types, I usually use the lighter on, but you can use the dark one if you want. They have a much deeper flavour.)
“Some” red wine (tee hee hee!)
200ml of water (this is for the casserole mix, and is less than is suggested but don’t worry as we’re gonna add another liquid to make up the amount. Can you guess what it is?)
Olive oil
A big clove of garlic chopped up finely
Dried parlsey
Dried oregano
Sea salt
Ground black pepper

For the mash:

Peeled and quartered Rooster potatoes
A good pinch of dried parsley
A pinch of Sea salt
A pinch of ground white pepper
A good handful of pre-cooked baby carrots
A nice lump of butter (about a finger length!)

M’kay. Lets cook…

Light the oven to gas mark three. This is slow cooking folks.

Put the olive oil into a quite hot frying pan with the mushies, onions and carrots – yes, and the carrots – add a little salt and fry till the onions and mushies are soft. The carrots will start to caramelize around the edges and become truly unctuous! This adds a nice flavour to the dish.

Whilst that’s cooking, season your steaks with the salt, pepper and dried herbs and drizzle with a little oil. The amount of seasoning is up to you, but I like to add a fair bit to my steaks, and oregano goes so well with beef.

When the veg and fungus are done, empty them into a big casserole dish -  I used a two litre one - and mix in the garlic. In the same frying pan, crank up the heat and add your steaks and let them get a nice colour on the outside, but don’t over cook! You want them to still be pink in the middle; what you’re doing here is adding that scrummy fried flavour to the meal.

Empty the Schwarz mix into the water and mix together.

When the steaks are evenly coloured -  a nice golden brown – arrange them on top of the veg. Now for the sauce…

Reduce the heat on the frying pan and empty the Schwarz mix into it and stir constantly as you are using less fluid than recommended so it’ll thicken up real quick. Grasp your red wine firmly and add a nice glug and stir till mixed in. Now plop the Knorr Stock Pot in and stir till it has melted. Add a little black pepper and taste for seasoning. When you’re happy with it, pour that lovely liquid all over the steaks, making sure they are submerged! (You can leave them just above the sauce floating like scrumptious islands, and if you do they’ll gain a darkened colour when cooking and look dry, but they will actually be gorgeously moist underneath.)

Now, return the frying pan to the flame. See all that left over residue on the bottom of the pan? Can’t waste that! Pour a little red wine into the pan and scrape all that flavour up, then pour it on the steaks.

Put the lid on the casserole dish and twist it vigorously so all the sauce is distributed evenly. Don’t worry if it doesn’t quite reach the bottom of the dish as it’ll melt when it’s cooking.

Put the dish in the oven and cook for three hours. Indulge in some of that wine!

About twenty minutes before the casserole is ready, put your Roosters in a pan of salted water and bring to the boil, cover and cook until you can push a fork into them without too much resistance.

Drain the potatoes and add the baby carrots, the pepper, parsley and butter and smash them to bits. When they’re all one lovely mess, taste to see if you need more salt.

Take your casserole out of the oven (using oven mitts, tough guy!) and serve the saucy veg and one steak per person with a nice dollop of mash on the side! I added some steamed brocolli too, but you go knock yourself out with your own choice of vegetable!

Yes, it tasted as nice as it looks! Enjoy!     

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