Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sandwiches! Dontcha just love 'em? This one is a real favourite in my household, and in Galway...

There's an ingredient that isn't used enough in my opinion, balsamic vinegar (this one a rose), and it adds a really nice bite to this refreshing sarnie.

Chicken Salad Sangwich (for you that don't live in Ireland, that joke'll be flatter than a witch's boob!)

You'll need (for one sandwich):

two toasted slices of a nice seedy bread (Johnston, Mooney and O'Brien's Nutty Doorstep is good)
butter for above
a nice piece of cold roast chicken (breast is best) chopped roughly
a little bit of bell pepper (red or orange) chopped into small pieces
two or three cherry tomatoes cut in half
little bit of red onion chopped finely
a nice spoonful of mayonnaise (we use Coleman's Light)
pinch of sea salt
pinch of ground black pepper
...and a dash of rose balsamic vinegar!

Toast the bread

Put everything bar the toast in a bowl and fold together gently till it's a lovely unctuous mass.

Butter the bread, dollop mix in and cut on the diagonal!

Serve immediately with a hot cup of tea. Just lovely!

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